Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as Sustainable Responsible Business (SRB) is a self-regulating practice followed by responsible businesses as part of their business model. Businesses following this policy are expected to proactively promote community growth and development while also eliminating practices that harm the public and the environment. By adopting CSR practices, a business includes its stakeholders in its corporate decision making towards achieving the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

At British Biologicals, we believe in preventive nutrition by being proactive in understanding the nutritional needs of our consumers. We get to the root of health problems with our in-depth research, and create solutions that prevent their spread and recurrence.

Our employees contribute to welfare programs orientated towards children, students, and patients. We also continuously support the activities of NGOs and other institutions involved with healthcare, education, sports, skill development and community welfare. At British Biologicals, we understand that our future is dependent on the welfare of the community, and make all efforts toward improving its quality of life. Some of our public welfare initiatives include working with the Parikrama Foundation and Akshaya Patra initiatives in Bangalore, Nanhi Kali at an all India level, diabetic awareness camps, and ante-natal camps for pregnant women, building schools and colleges, educating children, cultivating gardens, and more. We aim to organize more social welfare programs that will add value to society.

Business as a service

We have pioneered a ketogenic diet supplement, the first of its kind in India, to tackle the dreadful neurological disorder - Epilepsy. In India, the incidence of epilepsy is about 2.5-5.6 per population of 1,000; and the chronic or intractable cases are 6-7 in a lakh. Bangalore-headquartered British Biologicals is India's first and the world's third company to manufacture a ketogenic product that holds abundant hope for epileptic patients. As a CSR initiative, British Biologicals offers free services of nutritionists and dieticians to all doctors and hospitals treating intractable epilepsy through a ketogenic diet.

Procuring and managing a proper ketogenic diet is a daunting task for both parents as well as nutritionists. Moreover, the unavailability of such a supplementary product in the Indian market, as well as the sheer cost of importing them from abroad has hindered patients from accessing this treatment in the past. We are proud to have successfully introduced this essential supplement in the country as a yeoman service with very little focus on the business side of it.
In its quest to make this treatment available at affordable prices, British Biologicals is selling the kit at a much lower cost. We are glad to state that with the help of our special supplements, more than 50 cases of intractable epilepsy have been cured successfully.

Having created this supplement with the sole aim of serving society, we have brought back smiles on the faces of many mothers across the country by helping children regain their vitality and lead healthy lives. Our efforts have helped change the lives of many afflicted children for better, and we continue to strive to positively impact many more.

Healthy children for a healthy nation

As a nutrition company, our primary commitment is towards a healthier future generation. Hence, tackling the issue at the grass root level meant offering a healthy product, specific to the health condition, which is not only affordable but also palatable. After years of research in medical nutrition, we arrived at the perfect blend of nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers - ProPL, which stands for 'Proteins for Pregnancy and Lactation'. Doctors have appreciated the science behind the product and mothers are only too happy to take ProPL instead of a handful of tablets, to sustain a healthy pregnancy & motherhood. We are indeed thankful to all doctors for their overwhelming support.

Pregnant women who have poor access to healthcare are also the beneficiaries of our social initiatives. Every month, under the guidance of Medical Professionals, special ante-natal camps are held in-clinic, across India. The implementation of these camps is through trained dieticians and nutritionists. Regular weight check-ups and diet counseling is given free of cost, at the doctors' clinics. Recipe booklets are distributed, which contain easy-to-prepare dishes rich in iron, calcium and essential proteins.

Say 'yes' to the girl child

India might be progressing globally, but when it comes to protecting its own daughters, the country shows no mercy.

Mr. V.S. Reddy rightly says, "We are heading towards a generation where small / nuclear families are preferred, but at the cost of the girl child who is 'given up' to make way for a male child. At British Biologicals, we felt that we could go a longer way in bringing about a change."

Commenting on British Biologicals' efforts in this direction, Mr. Reddy says, "Our field force interacts with over 2 lakh doctors in India every month. With such a strong base to rely on, we began a campaign called 'We Pledge' which asks the Doctors to pledge their support in ensuring that the girl child is born. This, in fact, goes to the heart of the problem by ensuring that Doctors willingly join hands in refusing to determine the sex of the foetus".

What is encouraging is that the company has seen an overwhelming response from Doctors. Communication against sex-determination tests has been formalized and framed in the clinics of 9000 doctors across India. This is probably the only effort of its kind, which has been made by a company, backed by the willing support of doctors themselves. The team hopes to see a day when a natural balance is restored in the female: male ratio of this country.

British Biologicals has taken its Corporate Social Responsibility to another level. The company is associated with Mumbai based NGO 'Nanhi Kali' which was initiated in 1996 by the K. C. Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET) with the aim of providing primary education to underprivileged girl children in India. This association has helped give momentum to the efforts of the NGO. At the brand level, Kids Pro and ProPL, are engaged in this activity. With every prescription of Kids Pro and ProPL, the company donates a part of the proceeds towards the 'Nanhi Kali' initiative.

Through this social initiative, we are taking over responsibility of educating the girl child for at least 10 years.

Other social initiatives

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility for British Biologicals does not end with encouraging the birth of healthy children. We believe in an individual's right to education, and to this end, we have funded the primary and high school fees of children hailing from below the poverty line (BPL) in Bangalore. Besides this, every year, we sponsor twenty students in Bangalore towards getting their Bachelor's degrees in Pharmaceuticals.
  2. Yet another of our initiatives is the Diabetes Camp, wherein we administer our D-Protin supplement, the first of its kind in India, to people in need of this nutrient. Thanks to this supplement, diabetics can continue to feel normal and healthy, as it helps control their sugar levels while also satisfying their nutrition requirements. Our Diabetic Camps are especially valued in smaller villages where awareness of the disease and its symptoms are limited. We conduct mandatory blood tests in such places to detect the presence of diabetes, and give away a free sample of the D-Protin supplement to those needing it.
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