Weight Management

World health Organization has labeled obesity as a global epidemic. Obesity has reached proportions in India in the 21st century, with morbid obesity affecting 5% of the country's population. India is following a trend of other developing countries that are steadily becoming more obese.
Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems. An increase of 10% over the ideal body weight or optimal weight is termed obesity.
Heredity, Poor food habits, lack of physical activity, improper life style, medications are known to be the leading causes of obesity. Individuals who are obese are at risk of developing one or more of these serious conditions such as – Diabetes, Hypertension, High cholesterols and Heart disease. To overcome these consequences and improve the quality of life it becomes important to treat obesity.
The main aim of obesity treatment should focus on weight management, attaining the best weight possible in context of overall health. Weight loss diet, planned physical activity and lifestyle modification is the key factor for proper weight management. A reduction in diet aims at maintaining and restoring good nutrition along with gradual reduction in weight. Hence, weight loss requires careful planning in the diet.
A balanced restricted energy diet is the most widely prescribed method for weight loss. The diet should be nutritionally adequate except for energy which is decreased at the point at which fat stores must be mobilized (fat burning) to meet the daily energy needs. Along with calorie restricted diet, fat burners play an important role in an effective weight reduction program.

Meal Replacement Therapy is an effective and a safer alternative for weight reduction,when the first line therapies - healthy diet and exercise, have failed to give them the desired weight loss results. The meal replacement diets are efficient with a structured diet plan which provides restricted calories, fat burners and essential vitamins and minerals for daily requirements.

Why Meal Replacement Therapy?

  1. Convenient food as they require little or no preparation or cooking
  2. Keeps a track on your calorie count and portion size
  3. Healthy quick weight loss
Nutrition experts also think that meal replacement combined with physical activities is the ultimate solution for this obesity which is also called as ‘Killer lifestyle’.

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